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Meet Dr. Steve Landis DC - chiropractor in Los Alamitos


Steve Landis DCDr. Steve Landis was born and raised in Long Beach California where he enjoyed a lifestyle close to the beach participating in surfing,sailing and swimming with his family who remain close. He graduated from Wilson HS in 1983 where he participated in football and the PACE academic program ,he went on to University of California Irvine to pursue his interest in biology graduating in1988 with his Bachelor of Science degree.After discovering the benefits of chiropractic care during high school he decided to apply his "hands on" ability to natural health care and he graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College with a Doctorate degree and worked in postceptor resident programs until liscenced by the state of California and certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners in August of 1992.

In 1998 he opened his own practice in Los Alamitos where he has practiced ever since and seen many of his pediatric chiropractic patients through high school sports.""I see back pain and injury cases routinely in my practice but the most rewarding part is helping kids and familys enjoy a life free of spinal subluxation like I was blessed with"


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